Monday, November 24, 2014

Inaugural gig by Columbia Taiko - Sushi Night at Columbia - Fall 2014

Our student members of NYTAK's inaugural gig - Sushi Night at Columbia in Fall of 2014.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Workshop with Eitetsu Hayashi at Soh Daiko dojo - Sept 28, 2014

Saturday, September 20, 2014

NYTAK's Taiko Trip to Japan

NYTAK with family at an inn in Yamamoto cho, Miyagi, Japan August 2014

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

NYTAK's Taiko Trip to Japan Day 2 Part 4

NYTAK's Taiko Trip to Japan Day 2 Part 3

New York Taiko Aikokai Performs Tonbane, Kizuna、Enjin Daiko.

No rain dampened our performance!

Friday, August 15, 2014

NYTAK's Taiko Trip to Japan Day 2 Part 2

After our practice and delicious lunch, it was time for the performance!

Natsu Matsuri @ Yamamoto, Miyagi

Joint Performance with Randam: Yatai

Randam's Performance: Notice the drums are covered in plastic.  It was pouring rain and we had to cover all the drums in plastic!!!  We saran wrapped the Shime drums!
Goodbye Yamamoto-cho, goodbye Kayo-san, Yuusa-san.  Thank you for everything!

Taking Hayabusa 36 from Sendai to Tokyo at 8:30 PM
On the Shinkansen: some of us are enjoying a cold beer,
some of us are tired,
some of us are too cool,
and some of us are happy!

Check back soon for more updates!

NYTAK's Taiko Trip to Japan Day 2 Part 1

On Day 2 of our Taiko Trip we had a joint performance with Fu Un Randam - a local Taiko group in Miyagi for the Natsu Matsuri in Yamamoto.

With the hosts of our Ryokan: Iwakiya

Set up for practice together with Fu Un Randam

Practicing Yatai Bayashi together
Group Photo with Fu Un Randam

Lunch Time at Kayo Iwami-San's house.

 Next up - Joint Performance with Randam!


NYTAK's Taiko Trip to Japan Day 1

A week ago a few of our members embarked on a Taiko trip to Japan, where we will be visiting and performing in a few different prefectures.  On day 1 we took a tour of Yamamoto-cho in the Watari District, Miyagi Prefecture.   Below are some pictures from the day.  We'll be posting pictures as we go along, so do check back often!


Met up at Sendai Station
Arrived at Hamayoshida Station 

We were welcomed by Kayo Iwami, who is Andras' old Taiko mate!

Tour of Yamamoto-cho devastated by Tsunami

Taka-chan gave us a tour of a school that is one of the very few structures still remaining in Yamamoto-cho, Miyagi.  100 elementary school children and teachers' lives were saved in the attic of the building.  The tsunami came to the blue sign seen in the last picture, just under the roofline. The coastline is just 100 meters away from the school.  

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Photos from NYSTA Gathering in Tribute to Grand Master Daihachi Oguchi

On June 14th, a concert was held in Japan in tribute to the late Grand Master Daihachi Oguchi.  Many Taiko Masters and Taiko groups took part in this very special concert.  Here in New York, a concert gathering was organized by the New York Suwa Taiko Association (NYSTA) and held at Hiro-sensei's studio in Brooklyn on the same day. Many members of NYTAK participated in this event, and below are some photos taken that day.