Friday, August 15, 2014

NYTAK's Taiko Trip to Japan Day 1

A week ago a few of our members embarked on a Taiko trip to Japan, where we will be visiting and performing in a few different prefectures.  On day 1 we took a tour of Yamamoto-cho in the Watari District, Miyagi Prefecture.   Below are some pictures from the day.  We'll be posting pictures as we go along, so do check back often!


Met up at Sendai Station
Arrived at Hamayoshida Station 

We were welcomed by Kayo Iwami, who is Andras' old Taiko mate!

Tour of Yamamoto-cho devastated by Tsunami

Taka-chan gave us a tour of a school that is one of the very few structures still remaining in Yamamoto-cho, Miyagi.  100 elementary school children and teachers' lives were saved in the attic of the building.  The tsunami came to the blue sign seen in the last picture, just under the roofline. The coastline is just 100 meters away from the school.