Friday, March 10, 2017

Kodo - Dadan 2017 at Brooklyn Academy of Music Mar 4, 2017

We had a lovely opportunity to see KODO concert once again at BAM on Saturday, March 4th.   This year's production Dadan (打男)literally means "Drumming Men". Produced by Tamasaburo Bando, a renowned Kabuki actor specializing in female role (Onnagata), Dadan debuted in 2002 and has toured all around the world to great reception.

NYTAK was fortunate enough to have a photo opportunity and to talk with the principal drummer Masayuki Sakamoto and Koji Miyagi.  Some of us had met Sakamoto-san a few times in the last decade, whenever KODO came to the New York area to perform.  

Kyoko and Mayur had last met Koji in Sado when they went to KODO's Earth Celebration when he was still a trainee. Koji was still a high school student learning taiko when Kyoko-san first met and taught him in New Jersey years ago.  He then went on to International Christian University (ICU), where he continued his taiko studiesHis older sister was also attended the same University and played taiko thereKyoko is proud to see his commitment to taiko, who continued on to play professionally after graduation. 

A big thank you to Yui Kawamoto, Company Manager of KODO's world tour and a former UCLA taiko group, for arranging the post concert photo opportunity, and for her continued support of local taiko groups.   

Another thank you goes to the owner of BK9 Restaurant and Bar, where some of us had dinner before the concert. The owner, who is also Kyoko's colleague, came out to greet us and even sent us champagne.  Taiko Tides will be the next host of ECTC in 2018, and NYTAK along with Columbia Taiko will be supporting them as one of the local taiko groups. 


 And last but not least, check out this photobomb by Andras 😂